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Our knowledge, experience and connection in China will help clients to explore opportunities in China and drive their business forward.

Our Knowledge, Experience and Connection Can Help

China has the biggest industry output and consumes majority minerals and metals produced every year worldwide.

For a Canadian mining companies seeking to introduce its mining projects to Chinese business society, to obtain a Chinese business partners, to do business with Chinese companies, and to acquire investment from China, there are always opportunities available, but getting started and defining an appropriate business strategy can be daunting, especially for small and mid-size mining companies. 

How Should A Canadian Mining Company Gauge Chinese Market?

  • As a Canadian mining company, are you interested in seeking clients, business partners, and developing business in China?
  • As a Canadian mining company do you desire to pursue investment in China as an opportunity to lower production costs or to integrate China based supply into your company's supply chain in order to maximize profit?

Our Approach

1. Consult client's understanding of the Chinese business culture and localize client’s project information to overcome language and cultural obstacles.

2. Advise client in respect of strategy and approach that will deliver desired results with our connection in China and our understanding of the business practices and requirements unique to China's markets.

3. Define our client’s competitive advantages to meet potential Chinese partners’ interests and build upon a model of mutual trust and cooperation.

4. Provide exposure to Chinese businesses, investors and financial media exposure as well as the arrangement of direct business to business meetings with potential clients, partners, and suppliers to enhance connections and establish partnerships and connections with Chinese companies.

5. Introduce our clients to our business connections and build connections with Chinese enterprises, including mining companies, smelters, traders, mining equipments manufactures, EPC contractors, banks, assets management firms, associations etc.


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