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Case Study: Strategic Partnership Advisory Service

A client is a TSX Venture Exchange listed mining company who is seeking a strategic partner for its iron ore project in Canada's Labrador Tough to advance a high quality, low cost major project to commercial production. Sinocan Consultant HK Limited provides strategic advisory services in China to this client on its strategic partnership and investment needs.

Sinocan Consultant HK Limited provides the following services to the client:

1. Studies and analysis in respect of the company and the project, including understanding the client’s core values and needs and we advise the executive management team in respect of optimizing strategy in China.

2. Compilation of the client’s key information including investor presentations, investment highlights, the project’s economic studies and results and present in the Mandarin language in order to assist potential China based strategic partners and investors so they clearly understand the Client's company and are capable of effectively evaluating the project and business opportunity.

3. We compile detailed comparisons in respect of similar projects, precedent transaction structures, historical investment timelines, and transaction costs comparing the client and other iron ore companies who already have Chinese strategic partnerships both within Canada and abroad. This has been done to highlight the strategic advantages of the client, its project, and its transaction proposals.

4. We have scheduled and facilitated many business meetings between the executive management team of the client and potential partners and investors. The client presents the project to the Chinese target audience with an emphasis on discussing the mutual interests and benefits and proposed transaction structure and details to the potential Chinese partners who are steel makers, EPC contractors, real estate companies, and high net worth Chinese investors.

5. We arrange exposure to prominent Chinese financial media publications who have interviewed the client’s executives and published news stories to enhance the client's exposure and profile in China capital and to promote the client’s awareness and understanding of Chinese business society.





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